I’ve always had a thing for Pantone Books, ever since I spotted one at the interior designer’s office my mum visited with me in two. The strips of colour blocks so neatly fanned out and interspersed by serial codes fascinated me to no end. Since then, I always wished that someone would buy me one of those for my birthday. Sadly, that hardly comes to mind when one is thinking of a gift for any occasion, save for a graduation gift for an architect or a designer.

Hence, I was delighted when I stumbled across a range of Pantone-inspired products, where functionality meets the world of whimsical colours. If I weren’t a poor student, I’d buy the whole collection in a snap.

Here are some of the more interesting products that caught my eye:

Now, you never have to worry about how much milk to add to your coffee anymore! Continue pouring and stirring until desired colour is achieved. Drink it as you like it ;) Different colours match different types of coffee.

Colours FTW! It would be a blast to serve your guests your favourite brew or tea in cheery mugs like these. You can never get enough of good ole’ Pantone. What wouldn’t I give for a round of drinks served with a set like the one above? Just thinking about it already makes my day better.

They’ve also got bags, wallets, coin pouches, just to name a few more.

If you’re cracking your brains to find a suitable gift for your arty-farty friend, search no longer! Get them something from the Pantone range. (See here for the full range) They will surely be pleasantly surprised and equally delighted. Alternatively, increase your streetcred with the hipster artists by toting one of the messenger bags the next time you walk by their turf.

Image Source: Daily, w2, Pam Bristow

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